Big Cats Victoria

Seeking The Proof


"Two of us were driving from Geelong to Ballarat along the Midland Highway around 6.15ish near sunset time. I noticed something leap over the road, I instantly assumed it was a fox but knew that the colouring patterns and size were completely wrong for a fox."

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Received 06/07/2009

"Hi, just wanted to inform you that on monday 6th of july on the Pettitis Road near Bessiebelle south west victoria my co-worker and i spotted a large black cat with a very long tail. would be interested if you know of any other sightings in that area and would like to know if you know anything about it
if you have any questions about anything else we saw please don't hessitate to contact me ……………"

Received 04/02/2010

"Hi Simon,

I read the recent article about the sightings of big cats in the otways. Always been a sceptic about these kind of things but in January 2006 we too saw a big black cat. Myself and partner were driving on a dirt track out the back of Lavers Hill (otways) near my Aunties residence when we noticed a big black cat on the road in front of us. It took off up the embankment as we approached in the car. It was about the size of our 2 year old labrador. Anyway I'm happy to give you the exact locations if you keep a record of sightings.


Received 23/08/2009

"I was out the front of my house in (...) Street Winchelsea on 17 of August
at 10-45 09 when the dogs went mad i looket up and there was a large Puma
down at the creek it went from there to rail way line i went for my camera
and had a good look but no sine of the big cat."

Received 24/07/2009

"Hi, big black cat Seen twice on the same day and almost hit by car the cat
was the size of a large wrottweiler.

sighted at spring hill glenlyon vic 1998"

Received 18062009

"last friday 12june while shooting on a friends farm at princetown my nephew came face to face with "The Panther" had a gun but ran from it in shock my nieces boyfriend also saw it 1 or 2 months earlier driving in the same area it was just on dusk (didnt need spotlight) when i saw it. Our family have been in the area for more than 40 years and other family members have seen or have had reports from others of seeing these cats in the local area my phone no. is 52......"
Received 27/05/2009

"Been tooling websites for days, since being stopped by the sight of an amazing sleek powerful animal with big yellow eyes on the Johannes beach lookout walk on Fri 22 May 09 at appro 4.15.
I called a witness over as I wasn't expecting to see a 'panther' I walked the beach track and on the beach were large prints with a curved indentation like a narrow hook It did not fit a dog or cat print, and a bird print in my limited experience is more even. I have reported it to Rare
Fauna site and emailed the cottage I was staying at as they have calves.
A most amazing experience If you need more info my ph is ......."
Received 30/08/2009

"Hi ,just letting you know in late july about 6.45 pm coming home from Melbourne,on the Broadford road about 2kn from the golf course, I was heading to Broadford and, the other car was heading out of Broadford ,at that time I could see something on the side of the road ,but I could not make it out real good and I did not want to hit high beam as the other car was there but they hit high beam ,so I did to,and then came to a stop as this big black cat walk across the road in front of both the cars, after a few second we both drove off, I did not get out of my car and nor
did the other person, what I heard about the black cats, that they were not that long but this one was as long as the front of my car vt holden so ,I know I seen a big black cat, I told some friends 1 had heard about it and a friend who live in the mountains said they seen it about 4 years ago ,I just could not believe how close to the town it was."